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Working Time Record (ERV)

  One of the most important segments in the business of each company is certainly a record of working hours and control of employee movement which contributes to a more rational and efficient business. ERV Working Time Software works on the principle of identifying employees with NFC cards or a unique PIN assigned to it, […]

Document Management System (DMS)

DMS – document management system is a system that controls the life cycle of a document within an organization. It is a comprehensive solution to the problem of tracking documents. Advantages of DMS: • High degree of automation, efficiency and productivity • Fast and efficient access to documents • Archiving finished subjects • Continuous availability […]

COMP Travel orders

  Web application Travel orders allows you to record travel orders, whether simple or complex. All the legal provisions are followed and implemented in the system. As a web module, it is available from various devices that have access to the Internet, without prior installation. All prescribed forms are available and are automatically filled based […]

Rent-a-car application

COMP-2000 has created an application for rent-a-car management business successfully used by Europcar (ASA-Rent) offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 5 years. This is a web application made in .NET Microsoft technology. The application can be used in two ways: The first is through the access intenet where the user rents the server; The other […]

Web Application Gym

  Web application for registering the presence of members in the gym   COMP has completed a web version of the application that enables simple and efficient keeping of attendance records for fitness centers and gymnasiums. Managing a successful gym and fitness center can be a difficult job and spending time on manual administrative work […]

Web application for operational management

  The application for operational management is a system intended for registering membership, calculation and monitoring of membership fees as well as monitoring of other activities of an organization. This is an ideal solution for managing an organization or association that allows clients to improve their business, minimize errors, and monitor membership fees. We have […]


  Web application for keeping cash register COMP has completed the web version of the cash management application. The application is made in Microsoft .NET technology. Like the desktop version of the application, you can: Cash register and cash register; Printing a receipt; Entering changes to payments, payments and refunds; VAT calculation based on payment […]

Fixed assets application

  Web application for keeping records of fixed assets Keeping records of the company’s permanent assets is a serious and complicated business that is greatly simplified using this Web application. The Fixed Assets module allows keeping records of fixed assets in a very simple way with all changes in purchases, upgrades, depreciation, write-offs, sales, inventory […]