The application for operational management is a system intended for registering membership, calculation and monitoring of membership fees as well as monitoring of other activities of an organization. This is an ideal solution for managing an organization or association that allows clients to improve their business, minimize errors, and monitor membership fees. We have implemented application software for operative management, through which you will be able to track your members and in one place have all the information about their players and coaches. The goal was to facilitate operational work by administering the management, simplifying database management for members, and avoiding unnecessary paperwork.

The operational management system is customizable to almost all requirements, so other organizations, sports and other clubs can use it, as well as all others whose job requires membership. The system for registering members is primarily used for proper and quality guidance and monitoring of members, and in order to meet all your needs in agreement with you, we will adapt it exactly just as you want it.

Operational Management System Features:

In our application, there are detailed profiles for all members, so that all the information is in one place and are quickly available. In the profile of the members, the archive of all arrivals, membership fees, payments, ordered equipment and photographs is kept. After a certain time you will have a complete picture of each individual member.

In addition to keeping and monitoring the status of members (active or non-active), the system allows you to upload files, such as medical examinations, insurance, photos and other files. Directly from the system you can create payment slips for payment of membership fees, fees and other receivables.

This application helps you manage and grow your organization and thus get full control over your business.