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Web application for registering the presence of members in the gym


COMP has completed a web version of the application that enables simple and efficient keeping of attendance records for fitness centers and gymnasiums.

Managing a successful gym and fitness center can be a difficult job and spending time on manual administrative work takes away the time that could be used to improve your business. This application offers a fast, easy and efficient way to record members. This is an ideal solution for managing a fitness center that allows clients to improve their business, minimize errors and monitor membership fees.

The Gym Management System helps you keep track of your members and their membership, and enables easy communication between you and your members. This application helps you manage and grow your club and thus get full control over your business. It also consolidates all of its revenue sources into one system to effectively monitor the sales of your packages or membership fees.

It is also possible to record user registration using a close-field magnetic field, known as NFC (Near Field Communication), and can also be manually.

Features of the system for registering members of the Gym:

  • Entry members and review of basic membership information
  • Records of membership fees and overview of monthly membership fees
  • Entering different packages and gym programs
  • Easy search for members
  • An overview of active / inactive members
  • training schedule (weekly and monthly)
  • managing the presence of members
  • Review of reports such as statistical reports of turnover by months or for a selected period, review of the list of paid and unpaid membership fees
  • All reports can be downloaded in PDF format, or in some other format

Often, you need to know the details of one client. In our Teretana application, there are detailed profiles for all members, so that all the information is in one place and are quickly available. The archive of all arrivals, services, membership fees, payments and photographs is kept in the client’s profile. After a certain time you will have a complete picture of each individual client and his habits.

A convenient online schedule makes it easier for existing and new gym users to see which classes and events are on offer and to choose what suits them the most.


Web application Gym offers all the tools needed to effectively plan and manage group fitness programs. It is possible to quickly and easily schedule and find free appointments, halls and instructors. Apart from the coverage of individual group programs, information on the realization by members (who was on the program) is also available, which enables a deeper analysis of the habits of your members and optimization of the program schedule based on the attendance and interest.


Based on the data recorded in our application, you can create precise business analysis. By reviewing the attendance report, services performed, active memberships and paid memberships, you can get information that makes it easy for you to make strategic decisions necessary to further improve your center’s work.


  • What is the traffic?
  • For which users there is potential for new sales (renewal of membership, reminder)?
  • What members and how many are present in the center?
  • Which coaches are currently occupied?


You will also be able to use the application for promotional purposes and notify your clients by email about new events and actions that are currently in the center, and that they automatically send out notifications to those members whose membership is expired. There is also an upgrade of the application where a member of the center will be able to access the application and make a reservation of terms and a review of the remaining terms by the end of the month, regularly follow tips on healthy eating and much more.


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