DMS – document management system is a system that controls the life cycle of a document within an organization. It is a comprehensive solution to the problem of tracking documents.

Advantages of DMS:
• High degree of automation, efficiency and productivity
• Fast and efficient access to documents
• Archiving finished subjects
• Continuous availability and security of archived documents
• Better job distribution
• Time saving – eliminating the need for paper searching, less copying of paper
• Reduced amount of paper in traffic
• Ease of working with clients and more efficient decision making
• Transparency of business

DMS enables users to monitor the flow of one, that is, a set of documents throughout their entire life cycle, or a workflow. It also enables a very easy search and finding any required document / object in the system (archived in a database), and to which the user can overpay, i.e. to be notified by e-mail of all changes and actions taken on the document / s. The system enables easy work among employees, employees can create items and send them to further processing to another employee.

The document management system supports three types of sending: send to processing, send to circular and informative sending items. At any moment, the supervisor has an insight into the course of the data of the case, where both the subject and the processing stage is, how long the subject was on hold, and how much time the user spent doing the processing of the object. System users are grouped according to the privileges and powers that certain employees can perform. The system is flexible and it is possible to adapt to the work and functioning of each organization.

Document Management System (DMS) – a system that efficiently and easily supports:
• Document management
• Prescribing, deleting, unifying and locking objects
• Archiving documents / objects
• managing a physical archive
• manage scanned documents
• e-mail notification of receiving and moving documents / items
• Review of reports such as current account reports by months or by certain selected period, review of cases by organizational units, review of cases by the duration of their processing, review of unresolved cases and many others
• Reports can be downloaded in PDF format, or some other desired format

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