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One of the most important segments in the business of each company is certainly a record of working hours and control of employee movement which contributes to a more rational and efficient business. ERV Working Time Software works on the principle of identifying employees with NFC cards or a unique PIN assigned to it, which enables employees very simple and fast login to the system. After applying the selected method, the employee chooses one of the offered events (coming to work, going to breakfast, going to break, business exit, etc.), which is then recorded in the system and based on this creates further analysis of the movement of employees at the workplace.

Basic functionalities of the ERV system:

Web portal:
• access to the system from any computer on the Internet
• login to the system using the username and password
• Access to the ERV system according to the privileges granted
• Entry and management of organizational units and departments
• Entry and organization of shifts
• Entry and organization of employees by org. units, departments, and shifts
• a review of the presence of employees in the company at any time (by org units, departments)
• Review of daily events and time spent at work and out of work for each employee and for departments
• An overview of the average time spent for each event by org. units and departments
• An overview of the calculation of the number of hours on a monthly, weekly and daily level with an overview of events
• An overview of irregularities – an uncompleted fund of working hours, too much time spent out of work, etc.
• registering and approving access to base stations and client applications to the system
• generate a large number of reports

Base Station:
• Check-in / out of business by using NFC cards or a unique PIN, and selecting a reason for leaving the job
• the ability to use the device in offline mode with subsequent data synchronization
• the ability to register and unsubscribe to multiple devices (remote sectors, warehouses, floors, etc.)

Client (mobile) application:
• the ability to log in with a username and password or a unique PIN
• Registration from the field (when it comes to business exit or field work)
• notification of absence from work
• records of the location of employees
• Review the calculation of hours by months, weeks and days, with an overview of events

Additional functionality of the ERV system:
• integration of the ERV system with the Plate module and annual breaks
• group data entry according to the appropriate format
• Sending a vacation request via a mobile application or web portal client
• creating work orders electronically – using a client’s mobile application or web portal
• the ability to integrate an application client with the Plate module, and a monthly payout overview
• the ability to log on to the system through an active directory

The ERV system includes the recording of arrivals / departures, and adequate reports are generated through the processing of these data. Based on the data provided, it is possible at any time to display data about the time of employees at work and out of work, for a daily, weekly or arbitrary time period. The reports can be exported in several standard formats (pdf, docx, xlsx).

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