Web application for keeping records of fixed assets

Keeping records of the company’s permanent assets is a serious and complicated business that is greatly simplified using this Web application. The Fixed Assets module allows keeping records of fixed assets in a very simple way with all changes in purchases, upgrades, depreciation, write-offs, sales, inventory (surplus / deficit), placement in and out of use as well as allocating fixed assets to locations (cost centers). The system provides the ability to search and review all essential information about the current state of the fixed asset taking into account their present value, the ability to monitor depreciation, and generate and print various reports in accordance with the business needs of the firm.

In the COMP application, it is possible to create groups of fixed assets of the company, with defined depreciation rates. Every fixed asset can be classified in the respective nomenclature group of assets. It is possible to add a new depreciation item for each individual nomenclature subgroup. For every fixed asset, there is a possibility to access the data and view its card, where you can see all the transactions of that permanent asset (location of the fixed asset, organizational position, date and time of the transaction, transferring from one organizational unit to another, the amount of depreciation).

Basic features offered by the Permanent Funds application:


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