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HORSES APPLICATION – software for keeping records of horses and equestrian club members

COMP-IT has developed a software solution for keeping records of horses and equestrian club members. This software solution offers numerous possibilities that are necessary for running an equestrian recreation center. The application allows the management of the equestrian club to keep all important information regarding the placement, medical records and boarding of their horses electronically […]

The kindergarten

The kindergarten software solution enables the kindergarten administration, educators and parents of children attending kindergarten to easily exchange, share and receive content at any time using modern technology. Through the application, parents receive the latest information related to the child’s stay in the preschool institution. Information reaches parents via e-mail notifications, so that parents are […]


Android and Windows Mobile app for field order collection. ISUP goes mobile … COMP OrderCOM is an Android and Windows Mobile application for commercialists and for field order collection. Field sales (outpatient sale) is an important element of sales for many wholesalers, especially in the food industry. The commercialist equipped with a handheld computer is […]

Vending PocketPC applications

 Automation of everyday processes saves time and money. Vending Pocket PC is a Windows Mobile application running on a smartphone. It is applied in companies whose business involves working with vending machines. The working principle is as follows: 1. The first step is data synchronization, i.e. transferring data from a server to a base on […]

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a unique, modern software solution for automated warehouse management that supports product traceability. Group COMP is the only Bosnian-Herzegovinian provider of WMS in BiH. market. This solution is open type and easily connects to other information systems. WMS is easy to integrate with other ERP systems, so in the companies […]

Crypto memory

  Loss of both portable devices and data has become everyday 92% of all European companies lost at least one laptop and data for a variety of reasons The computer can easily be replaced but there is a problem with missing data and unprotected data It is very important to know the risks and dangers […]

CRM-Help desk

  CRM-Customer Relationship Management solutions offer superior customer service. COMP has been using this solution for a long time to provide better support for all its clients, and it is also implemented by other users. This information system enables faster, better and more efficient services, connecting tens of thousands of companies with millions of their […]

COMP IT Inventory

  COMP IT Inventory is a module that allows you to create fixed assets inventories. In doing so, work with the handheld device with a barcode reader. Inventura is a unique, modern software solution for the inventory of fixed assets and fixed assets. This solution is open type and easily connects to other information systems. […]

Commercial Planner

   Software for the broadcasting of TV / radio commercials This software enables the automation and organization of broadcasting of commercial spots, allowing operators, moderators and administrators to enter, control and approve the execution of media plans on TV and radio stations. Software benefits: Archiving data on videos / clients; Easy creation and implementation of […]