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The kindergarten software solution enables the kindergarten administration, educators and parents of children attending kindergarten to easily exchange, share and receive content at any time using modern technology. Through the application, parents receive the latest information related to the child’s stay in the preschool institution. Information reaches parents via e-mail notifications, so that parents are always and timely informed about the newspaper. The app neatly displays all observations about the child and displays a record of arrivals that are updated on a daily basis. The application is designed so that it can meet all the requirements that involve the management of a preschool institution.

The “Kindergarten” software solution consists of the following functionalities:

• Entry of children (personal data: name and surname, date of birth, JMBG, address, group)

• Codebooks: membership fees (by categories), leaders (educators), groups, injuries, allergies, findings, group goals (observations), notes

• Data of the child’s family (name, surname, address, kinship, authorization to perform the child, fb group access, e-mail, telephone number, ID card)

• Types of documents to be submitted when enrolling a child in kindergarten (medical examinations, ..)

• Entry of paid membership fees and debt balance

• Discounts on membership fees for annual leave (only once a year) and sick leave

• Import of bank statements and undistributed payments

• Keeping children present (arrival time and body check)

• Entering a daily report for the child (time of departure, whether he ate, whether he slept, whether he participated in activities, whether he was on a break …)

• Monitoring the adaptation of the child in kindergarten

• History of group leadership by leaders

• Records of customer complaints, complaints and compliments

• Records of parent meetings (consultations) – individual and group

• Contracts for children at enrollment

• Apologies

• Weekly menu – menu

• Health card (temperature, allergic reaction, rash, seizures, epilepsy, injuries, cough, runny nose, vomiting, urination) …

• Medical record (whether there are developmental difficulties, visual impairment, hearing impairment, speech disorders, physical disability)

• Defining the child’s card (height, weight, concentration)

• Activities (child working independently, working with the help of an educator, etc.), emotions, relationship with other children, speech (pausing, repeating, accelerating), feeding, hygiene habits, motor skills, sensorimotor skills, inappropriate behavior

• Notes to parents – 7 days before to celebrate a birthday

• Note for sending e-mail notifications to parents if the child is not present for 3 days (reason for absence)

• Note to parents – what to take on a trip

• Calendar of important dates to be celebrated

• Review of reports such as reports: by age, by date of birth, by groups, list of paid and unpaid membership fees, how many children are enrolled per month and how many are dropped out of kindergarten, list of children with allergies, presence of children on a daily basis, list of child misconduct etc.