Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a unique, modern software solution for automated warehouse management that supports product traceability.

Group COMP is the only Bosnian-Herzegovinian provider of WMS in BiH. market.

This solution is open type and easily connects to other information systems.

WMS is easy to integrate with other ERP systems, so in the companies Teloptic and Megamix, the integration of ISUP and Navision system with WMS has been done. In this way, the efficiency of warehousing business, as well as the operation of other organizational parts and business functions in the company, is increased.

The WMS is also fully compliant with its own software solution ISUP © (Information Management System for Enterprise).

Working with WMS

Working with WMS is based on the use of bar codes that contain basic information about goods, usage time, lots, quantities and pallets. Another bar code defines the location in the warehouse.


With the help of the bar code reader, it is processed:

All necessary information is obtained with one, maximum two readings of the bar code.

It is possible to use devices that are waterproof, impact resistant and that also allow remote reading. In the event that the pallet is not labeled or the label is damaged, the system includes the use of the bar code of the printer, e.g. at the entrance to the warehouse.

For the printing of labels, Teloptic d.o.o. uses the PRINTCOM group COMP application. With the help of PRINTCOM, the labels correspond to user requirements and, of course, European and world standards (VRS and SSCC).

The label printing order can be obtained from a computer or from a handheld reader.

On the A5 sticker, you can find all the necessary information about: