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Android and Windows Mobile app for field order collection. ISUP goes mobile …

COMP OrderCOM is an Android and Windows Mobile application for commercialists and for field order collection. Field sales (outpatient sale) is an important element of sales for many wholesalers, especially in the food industry. The commercialist equipped with a handheld computer is undoubtedly a great advantage over the conventional service provider for faster, more precise and, above all, more flexible services.

The application is relatively easy to use – after user logging and initial data synchronization, and their storage in a local database, the user is ready to make orders.



Through a transparent and intuitive interface that is adapted to mobile use by means of special controls (an easy choice of quantities through the selection of one, ten and a hundred pieces, etc.), the customer is selected, ie the buyer. The application then displays for this customer relevant product groups from which the desired items are selected, rebates and quantities are selected. So, everything is completely normal, except for being mobile, directly on the ground.

Ordering a product creates an order in electronic form ready to be sent, and when completed, the application establishes a connection with the server at the head office of the company using the solution, where the COMP OrderCOM web service listens to whether it has new orders. The order received from a mobile device is received on the server, from where it is forwarded for further processing – it can be printed and forwarded to the appropriate departments for realization.

An interesting example where we introduced this solution is Teloptic. Since this company has several regional warehouses, customers’ orders from the central server are automatically forwarded to the appropriate customer geographically closest warehouse.

OrderCOM advantages
• faster and more transparent ordering on the ground;
• reduced communication costs;
• maximizes efficiency, precision, speed of operation;
• Increase sales volume;
• Provides a superior service to the customer;
• Increases control over field activities;
• Data availability anytime, anywhere.