COMP IT Inventory is a module that allows you to create fixed assets inventories. In doing so, work with the handheld device with a barcode reader.

Inventura is a unique, modern software solution for the inventory of fixed assets and fixed assets. This solution is open type and easily connects to other information systems.

It is necessary that the articles are labeled with bar code labels, and from the information system it is necessary to download the information about the articles in the appropriate format, with bar codes.

Data is transferred to a Pocket PC device with a built-in bar code reader, and a list of goods can already be performed.


Working with Inventory provides the following options:

All necessary information is obtained by one bar code scan. It is possible to use devices that are waterproof, impact resistant and that allow you to read the bar code remotely. For marking items, special labels that are resistant to temperature, humidity, mechanical stresses, impurities, sunlight, etc. can be used if necessary.

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