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 Automation of everyday processes saves time and money.

Vending Pocket PC is a Windows Mobile application running on a smartphone. It is applied in companies whose business involves working with vending machines.

The working principle is as follows:


1. The first step is data synchronization, i.e. transferring data from a server to a base on a Pocket PC device;

2. After that, the field operator in the Vending application records the items and their amount by which the machine is in charge. This is a very simple and “user-friendly” procedure where the items are grouped by type and the operator easily finds the appropriate item and sets the quantity counter;

3. After a certain period of time, the operator from the vending machine reads and sells the machines. The procedure is simple and adapted for operation, so that when an operator chooses in the application a reader to read the counter, the items are automatically displayed in the correct order, and he reads the counters and writes them in the fields of the corresponding item;

4. At the end of the working day (or at some other time) the device connects to the server and transfers data from the base from the smartphone to the database on the server. The next step is to launch an application that then processes data and sends it to ISUP.


Benefits of Using Vending Pocket PC Applications vs. Standard Procedures without this application are:

  • The length of the data processing and the creation of borrowing and sales documents decreased by 80%;
  • the possibility of error is much lower;
  • ROI (The Return on Investment) is evident;
  • No significant changes in work technology. The complete procedure is quite similar to the manual process, only the steps are significantly accelerated.
  • accurate insight and records of all duties and deductions, by each of the appliances and by each operator.
  • Simple application for any type of retail facility,
  • Minimal changes to be adapted to a similar process of work,
  • the ability to work in a wireless network environment,
  • minimum hardware and software requirements,
  • simple activities needed to put the application into operation,
  • work in remote locations.
  • It is possible to adapt the entire system to communicate with the server via GPRS, so the whole process is real time.

Savings in time and people are significant.