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Platform ap.FOND

This IMS (Information Management System) web application has been developed for the public institution of the Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons and serves for monitoring the basic business processes of this institution, such as the records of FBiH employers employing disabled persons, payroll records and the amount of special contribution for each of […]


Platform for state social welfare management   The SOTAC system is a WEB software platform that enables the registration of all beneficiaries of social assistance as well as all forms of received assistance in the FBiH. This system enables the work of a large number of social services or employees in them. The number of […]


  BI4Government – Business Intelligence for Administration Our BI platform based on Microsoft technology enables users to discover, analyze, and visualize data using a powerful self-service tool that combines Excel with SahrePoint or SharePoint Online. SharePoint enables web sharing of reports and data in a secure environment. The app can be accessed from anywhere through […]