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This IMS (Information Management System) web application has been developed for the public institution of the Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons and serves for monitoring the basic business processes of this institution, such as the records of FBiH employers employing disabled persons, payroll records and the amount of special contribution for each of these companies and the records of employed persons with disabilities at the Federation level.

The following technologies have been used for this e-Government platform: ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, SQL Server Reporting Services. The programming language is C #.

The Fund for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities has been established after the long-awaited implementation of the Law on Professional Rehabilitation, Training and Employment of Persons with Disabilities and serves as one of the basic actors in the process of professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities.

The application enabled the Fund to achieve its goal more efficiently, which is to ensure the conditions for disabled persons and their employers to compete fully on open labor markets.