Platform for state social welfare management


shema sotac

The SOTAC system is a WEB software platform that enables the registration of all beneficiaries of social assistance as well as all forms of received assistance in the FBiH. This system enables the work of a large number of social services or employees in them. The number of services in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is 5, followed by 10 cantonal ministries for social work, 2 cantonal centers, 78 municipal services and 10 services at the cantonal center of Sarajevo. So the number of services and locations is about 100.

SOTAC system was created in Microsoft .NET framework in MS SQL database and JavaScript, jQuery and C #, programming language and SQL Server Reporting Services were used.

Data entry is decentralized. The optimum point of entry is the point where the need to enter is created – this means the municipal social work center, or the competent social welfare service. At the level of the canton, and, if necessary, at the level of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, there is the possibility of giving consent for the introduction into certain rights (as part of the business process), as well as the possibility of second-tier processing of the request.

Reporting is an essential part of the data processing system. Reporting from the SOTAC database is reliable, simple and flexible. The SOTAC system generates reports for the needs of the municipal administration (Centers for Social Work, Services and Departments) for the needs of cantonal CSWs and competent cantonal ministries, and ultimately for the needs of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Flexibility of reporting is reflected in the ability to create reports within a timeframe with attributes related to categories of beneficiaries of social benefits, age, location, and types of rights.

The entry forms are simple and clear. They enable the entry of all necessary data, on the basis of which the user registry is built, process the submitted requests, issue the solutions, calculate payments and receive the necessary reports, either pre-arranged or ad hoc obtained from the database.

The basic characteristic of this application is the complexity arising from the territorial organization of the FBiH (Federation, 10 cantons and 78 municipalities), laws passed by the FBiH and 10 cantonal ministries as well as a large number of categories of social assistance beneficiaries covered by the law on social assistance, protection of civilian victims of war as well as protect families with children.

This software has enabled communication between the Centers for Social Work throughout the Federation of BiH and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and a unique database containing all the necessary data on beneficiaries of cash benefits derived from the Law on the Basics of Social Protection, Protection of Civilian Victims of War and protecting families with children. By using a single database, the possibility of malware, like e.g. the realization of the right to a financial compensation under the aforementioned law on two or more locations. In addition, data processing time is reduced, data processing costs are reduced, and administrative costs reduced.