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BI4Government – Business Intelligence for Administration

Our BI platform based on Microsoft technology enables users to discover, analyze, and visualize data using a powerful self-service tool that combines Excel with SahrePoint or SharePoint Online. SharePoint enables web sharing of reports and data in a secure environment.

The app can be accessed from anywhere through HTML5 or through mobile apps.

SharePoint Server provides advanced filtering, navigation and interactive analytical reports.

SQL Server Reporting Services enables reporting of high scalability and high resolution of the same, whether it’s printing or browsing in a browser, as well as ad-hoc research and visualization.

SQL Server Analysis Services is an advanced data mining solution and allows interactive analysis of aggregate data.

BI enables:

  • Add / Delete / Edit Report,
  • Mapping indicators (positions) in reports,
  • Calculation positions (global or specific for each report),
  • Positions based on the hierarchical structure,
  • Mapping accounts into indicators (positions),
  • Defining a value by a sign, an operator, a filter, a source, a textural style,
  • Filtering values ​​by partner, organizational structure, cost center, currency.

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