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COMP has many years of experience in computerizing all accounting processes. In addition, thanks to this experience, COMP-IT also offers the service of taking over the entire bookkeeping process, not just its computerization. In this case, the firm has professional service and security that its bookkeeping is in compliance with all legal regulations and requirements.

COMP is proud of proven personnel competence in the market, service guarantees, professionalism and real pricing. Whether you just establish a company or you just need a new accountant, we believe that you will be happy to give your trust to COMP.

The goal of our education is to transfer the knowledge acquired through long years of work in the software industry, corporate governance and financial management by training candidates for self-management of business books through practical computer work in our Information Systems Management System (ISUP). Upon completing the education / training that takes place in our premises, candidates receive certificates of successful completion of Education / accounting / bookkeeping