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The use of modern computer technologies and devices in the catering industry has greatly facilitated the work of caterers in large and transported catering facilities, and the number of mistakes has definitely reduced to a minimum. Considering all the advantages that catering to the use of computers and portable devices, the company COMP-2000 d.o.o. she developed a software solution for the special needs of catering.

The “Catering” application allows caterers to better control the main components of each catering facility:
• management of goods – keeping the merchant and book of the bar
• management of employees of the facility
• ordering and realizing orders
• issuance of credit, POS and fiscal accounts
• Deposit of the market

All business data is stored in a computer and regular backup is performed, so all data is secure and consistent.

Management of goods

Before the appearance of computers and their use in the catering industry, the condition of the goods in the facility was most often conducted on paper and by daily counting and checking of the quantity of goods and its recording for the current day. Apart from wasting time to read the situation every day (sometimes several times a day), this often led to errors in the state of goods, and then also problems in managing the building.

Using the “Catering” application, this problem has been successfully solved, and in addition to the fact that it is no longer necessary to read the status of the goods in the object, the facility manager may at any time withdraw a report on the status of a particular article (or group of articles), and have an insight into the current state of goods in the object, the quantity of goods sold for the day, or for the given time period. The condition of the goods is maintained by the fact that when the goods are delivered to the facility, the goods supply is kept, and later, when the orders are executed, the condition of these goods is automatically changed in the system. Due to the legal obligation to keep records of the condition of goods in the facility (Trading book and Book of the book), it is necessary to periodically check the actual situation with the situation recorded in the system.

Management of employees of the building

The “Catering” application strictly protects the system’s data and data on the operation of the facility. The facility manager has the ability to create several types of employees in the object: waiter, head of the building, administrator, etc. Based on the given privileges, users have access to only specific parts and system data.

In accordance with the agreed privileges, it is possible to add new and alterations of existing goods, employees of the facility, and other data related to the operation of the facility.


The application “Catering” is used for easy ordering and quick order execution. The waiter on your mobile device with Android OS owns an installed ordering application that is part of the complete “Catering” app.

On a mobile application, a waiter has the option of selecting the table for which he creates the order, and sends the order to the bar where immediate realization can begin, without waiting for the waiter to come and execute the order. During this time, the waiter can continue to serve other tables while the bar employee does not realize the orders already received. For catering facilities that own a kitchen, the food ordering is also done via a mobile application, and these orders are taken directly into the kitchen where the preparation begins.

At the same time, more waiters can send orders and they will all successfully reach the bar where the POS account is printed and from which the orders are downloaded further for processing.



After completing the order, the waiter can download the prepared orders with the printed POS account that bears the guest along with the order.
When charging, a waiter uses a mobile ordering application to charge a charge for the selected table, then a consolidated account is printed on the POS printer, and the fiscal corresponding fiscal account is printed. In this way, the waiter is released from keeping records on orders on paper, and avoiding errors in the bill collection.
The ordering application can be customized to the facility, so ordering can be done via mobile devices or on a computer by the bar. The application is adapted for operation on touch screen devices.

Deposit market
Another of the main components of the “Catering” application is the market deposit. The turnover made by the waiter is withdrawn from the system so that the manager has an insight into the turnover made by each of the waiters individually and how much money a voucher entails to the manager.
This is one of the most common situations that have previously led to problems in the management of the facility because of the fact that goods are often sold and the amount owed by the waiter does not coincide. Using the “Catering” app, the object manager has an insight into all the invoices that a waiter has made and can possibly be monitored if there is a disagreement.

Inspection controls and upgrades of “Catering”

The application “Catering” works in accordance with all the current laws on the business of catering facilities in BiH. From the aspect of tax and other controls, we have very successful results with all our applications and systems, such that it is seldom which IT company in BiH can boast of such results.

If you have special requirements or needs, the “Catering” app can be upgraded and customized to your business.