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COMP-IT attended the 2nd GS1 Conference, the topic of which was “Benefits of modern technological solutions in accordance with GS1 Standards”, held on May 9, 2017. in the Hotel Radon Plaza.

The goal of this year’s GS1 Conference was to enable businessmen in Bosnia and Herzegovina to acquire the necessary knowledge in order to standardize and automate their business processes in the supply chain using the business language of the GS1 Standard. The Conference was attended by nearly 100 participants from various sectors of the economy, where producers and distributors could exchange their business experiences and needs.

The topics that were the focus of this year’s Conference are: trends in the development of digitization in trade, the implementation of the exchange of electronic documents in the supply chain, trends in the development of bar code equipment and their application in software for business storage, successful business practices in the application of the GS1 Standard in healthcare using the example of serialization medicines.